Arkham Investigations

Delve into the Dark Secrets of Arkham...

Welcome to Arkham Investigations, the plot-driven fan-based expansion rules for the excellent Arkham Horror game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Arkham Investigations is an attempt to bring plot-driven encounters, a deeper level of player cooperation, more fan-based content, and an exciting endgame sequence to the standard Arkham Horror game.

Specifically, Arkham Investigations adds the following to the basic game:

In addition, several other play aids and expansions are available under the Arkham Investigations banner.

How do I start?

First, you will need a copy of Arkham Horror to play this game. If you or someone you know does not have it, go buy it. It may seem a little pricey, but the production values (and fun value) is well worth the cost. Play it a few times to acquaint yourself with the rules, and then come back here.

(You do not need any of the expansions to play, but of course, added menace equals more fun!)

Once you are familiar with the rules of Arkham Horror, pop over to the rules section and download the main rules and token sheets.

Then, head over to the cases section to download one of the available cases to play. Print everything out, cut out the tokens and progress cards, and set off on a dark adventure of your own.

Recent Activity

Dark Dreams of Dagon

A chance notice of an article in the Arkham Advertiser leads to a horrifying discovery.

The Haunting

You have been hired by a local real estate agent who desires someone to investigate a so-called haunted house on his portfolio.

German Rules Version 1.2

Download: German Rules Version 1.2
German rules translation courtesy Stefan. Thanks!

English Rules Version 1.3

Download: English Rules Version 1.3

When making horror checks against multiple monsters, you only need to make a single horror check against each type of monster. So, if you get attacked by three ghouls, you only make one horror check.

Arkham Nights: Street Locations

Add some urban fun to the standard Arkham Horror game with this expansion that adds encounters at street locations. Includes ten new cards! (Note: this is not a casebook, but a supplementary expansion.)

Arkham Book Club

Bring the true power and horror of Lovecraftian tomes to the standardArkham Horror game, and the power to do research with these benighted tomes in future Arkham Investigations cases. Includes 15 printable, foldable tome booklets to cast spells out of. (Note: this is not a casebook, but a supplementary expansion.)

Whispers in Darkness

Torrential rains unearth a mystery that takes you to the Vermont countryside. There, you will face the other-worldly terrors lurking in the woods outside the Akeley farmhouse.

Cthulhu: Dread Sleeper of R’Lyeh

Foil the plans of a Cthulhu cult who wants to raise Cthulhu from his slumber at R’Lyeh. Good beginner case for 1-3 players.